Testing Report for LucidCatcher

After 2 years of development, and almost a year of sleep with the device, we can sum up the testing results.

First of all, every test was blind for volunteers who tried LucidCatcher - we didn't tell them whether the device truly works this time or not, and in most cases they've never heard about lucid dreaming before. As firmware supports a switch to the blind tests mode, only in the morning it could be known which mode was activated tonight.
Anyone who tried the device at least for 3 nights could understand if it works.

Double-blinded tests were also conducted. Some people knew only that the device's initial function was sleep-tracking. Despite it, they still had the preliminary effect noticeable on LuCID Scale.

After all these tests we know for sure that the LucidCatcher's effect guarantees you higher lucidity scale compared to a usual dream experience.

This infographics demonstrates some part of our 2015-2016 tests:

(for higher resolution: http://bit.ly/LucidityScaleTestsResult)

Example of the LuCID scale for the lucid dreamer:

With the LucidCatcher...

That was working like a genie. It transformed the reality into a springboard of cosmos and made me fly into it.

And without it.

At the first point we were going through Kiev with 2 friends, and then we discussed to teleport somewhere else. We used to do that and came to a village around Khalifa.
You can't avoid the mystery.

Typically, the device can give you +40% to lucidity.

And here is a video of test report:

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Recently we have conducted human tests in our Kiev office which were aimed to define a lucidity scale and REM detection.

Ten people took part in the day tests and were sleeping in a separate room while we were monitoring their brain activity and filming their eye movement. When they woke up, they had to take a quiz which would let us calculate their lucidity scale later and write a feedback.

By the way, we invited random people who responded to the Instagram post of our friend and the next day we reserved them a spot.

In this video, you will see how it was. Listen to the feedback of those who were lucky to test LucidCatcher.

2014 statistics shows that 6 out 11 people were lucid.

The second round of tests in 2015 brought us 9 people who had lucid dreams out of 16 testers.

In our latest tests in 2016 we've got a 8 from 10 positive lucid dreaming experience.

Stay Lucid!