Summary of our first laboratory tests!


This report represents the results of our experiments with the alternate current and voltage, which took place from November, 28th till December, 6th. Three of six volunteers, who took part in it experienced the state of Lucid Dreaming.

One tester, who hadn’t remembered his dreams before reported remembering his dreams, after sleeping with the device. Two other testers, who hadn’t had any experience in Lucid Dreaming and hadn’t had any idea what kind of effect the device should give described their feeling afterwards as they had very bright and memorable dreams.

On the 1st day of testing Tester 1 - who had only 3 Lucid Dreams in his life got 3 LD in a row.

On the 2nd and the 3rd day of testing Tester 2 (an experienced Lucid Dreamer) got 5 LD in a row. The next day he got 1 LD and 1 very detailed dream. Less experienced Lucid Dreamer gave 3 points out of 10 for the quality of his LD on the 2nd day of experiment. On the 3rd day when the voltage was increased the experiment got failed, Tester 3 woke up with an unpleasant feeling.

Tester 4, who hadn’t remembered his dreams earlier described his dreams with the device as incredibly colourful dreams, he woke up feeling vivacity and was very happy about the experiment.

Tester 5 and 6 who hadn’t been aware of the effect which should be provided by the device, and who hadn’t had any experience in Lucid Dreaming before, described their state in the dream as seeing themselves dreaming, but didn’t really take control of the dream, as they didn't realized that they were dreaming. The dreams were very bright, that what they remembered.

During some days, when we played around with different criteria of the current and voltage, testers weren't experiencing LD at all. By this we practically found the limits, where LD can’t happen and by the 8th day of the experiment we indicated the criteria, which lead to LD most of the time. These criteria were taken as the base for the further tests with more volunteers, which we’re currently involved with. Every day we take a test we calibrate these criteria even more accurate to enable more chances to be lucid with our device.

Currently we invite volunteers, who are mostly students, to visit our office/lab in Novosibirsk, to contribute to our scientific research and make us one step closer to the unlimited Lucid Dreams.

The testing will last till we gather enough info, 20 people minimum is required for this purpose.

The results we’re looking for are: 1) producing 80% of Lucid Dreams during day dream with the device, 2) we expect to reach higher results as for the night sleep, 3) 60% operating of the device when REM is detected, taking into account the results of EOG and EEG which are imposed on one another.