St. Valentine's Update

Our blog is live again and we are going to post all the huge articles here in the future and link to them from our social networks.

Partners testing results

First good news is about previous devices. As you all remember our Kiev business team have received 3 devices from Novosibirsk engineering team before the New Year holidays. We have a huge networking buzz going about Luciding here in Kiev, so the line of volunteers formed very soon to test the devices. Of course our current incubator and first investor WannaBiz is involved in testing, but we can't show up other names yet. Can simply say that some huge venture funds and press are giving it a try too.
So the point is that we are receiving more and more positive feedback from our partners. Despite the fact that the effect from the devices is individual they do report not only colorful and rememberable dreams but also awareness and in some cases - dream control.
Just to remind you: these devices were just the third iteration prototypes and claimed no guarantee for the lucidity.

Lucid boards completed

Since that shipment there were lots of test on volunteers also in Novosibirsk. After that engineers gathered enough knowledge to come up with final board design. It has been a challenge to make it happen. Finally, it is done. We have the new board design implementation. Fully tested and operational.
We now have three boards available. The manufacturing order for 50 more of them will be placed on the plant on Monday in Novosibirsk.

Delivery next week

We want our first customers to get not only the device but the interface to it as well. As you all know we use Bluetooth LE to establish the connection with the device. We want to make it possible to connect to the device from your phone, that is why our mobile team needs to get the devices to work with.
At this very moment our restless engineers are working on delivering developer version of device based on three new boards. One of them is going to be shiped to our iOS developer (Surgut, Russia), one to the Android developer (Kiev, Ukraine) and one will go for independent examination by our partners in Kiev firstly, and in USA afterwards. This shipment will commence next week right after the tests which have started today and will continue until Wednesday.

That is it for now. Remember that despite all the delays and stones on our path Luciding will be possible. Thanks to you - our first true customers.

With love,
Luciding team

P.S. This post will be updated with photos of developer version devices very soon.