Luciding USA Business Trip


Dear Friends! We have ‪#‎HUGE‬ news for ya!

Key members of Luciding team are going to hit TechCrunch Disrupt in New York this May! ‪#‎TCD‬ will take place on 4-6 and we’ll exhibit on May 6th at the Hardware Alley!

We also could get the prize of the day and be chosen to pitch on the Main Stage! You could help us in it and vote for us during the day when we exhibit!

Some time ago on ‪#‎WBID‬ we won tickets to Seed Forum in Kiev and we’ll be pitching for seed in New York (May 5th) and San Francisco (May 7th) on both Seed Forums!

What else? As we’ll be in the cradle of tech, I mean ‪#‎NY‬ and ‪#‎SF‬ we definitely won’t waste our time. We will hit DLD Conference called ‪#‎iLovation‬ in NY (May 8th) and Internet of Things Conference (May 13th) in SF. Also, we’ll have a lot of meetings with the opinion makers and our early adopters!

We’ll be very appreciated to meet you, friends during the conferences and not only:) Feel free to reach out to us if you’re any chance in NY or SF in between April 27th - May 24th!

Look forward to meeting all of you! It is high time ‪#‎Luciding‬ hit the USA!

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