Luciding prototype-testing in Kiev

We have received the last device prototypes in Kiev from Novosibirsk labs in the late December. As you know we have received 3 of them. 2 emphasized dream control (Type A) and 1 emphasized dream quality (Type B). Since then many people have slept with the devices, but not all of them succeded as this version did not guarantee Lucid dreams for everyone. This post will gather all the available feedback from people who tested them and had a Lucid dream effect. This post will be constantly update with new feedback!
So here we go:

Maryna Vermishyan, COO Luciding

(Type A device)

1) “I was sitting with my friend and our colleague on the hill, which is right across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The day was beautiful and warm, we were talking peacefully when I realized that I didn't tell our colleague that I had joined the startup Luciding and I wanted to show him the device. I rose, turned around and took a couple of steps remembering where I had left the device. First thought was that it should be in my bag, but I didn’t have it with me, then I started to realize that the device was on my head, that I was sleeping with the device on me! I’m in a dream I’m in a dream!”

2) "The night after that I went to bed very late and by the morning I took off the device because it was bothering me a bit, I was sure that I wouldn't see any dreams this morning it was about 9 am. Once I fell asleep I saw myself sitting in the bus which takes me to the office. Most of the busses there goes to the airport, I was sure I was going to the airport because I have my luggage with me. On the next station, Nikita our CEO enters the bus and sits next to me. He looked imperturbable as always. My mind immediately started to question everything. First I notice that Nikita doesn't have any luggage with him, then I'm wondering where I'm going to fly - can't answer to this and finally I realize that Nikita doesn't live in my city, he can't know this bus route and that he lives far far away from here. It's a dream I screamed without actually saying this! It's a dream! And I opened my eyes."

We came across the post-effect of the device on different people once it's taken off. We think the brain could still recognize the dream in awhile after it was stimulated.

Michael Skrychevsky, CTO Luciding

(Type B device)

"Here is my own experience with the devices that were shipped to Kiev from Novosibirsk in December 2014. As you know we have received 3 of them. 2 emphasized dream control and 1 emphasized dream quality. The first two had zero effect on me, but the quality one had. I have experienced extremely bright dreams for 6 nights of testing (it was holiday time and I usually slept from 4 till 11 a.m.). Then we had all three devices tested by our partners, investors and colleagues. They all had different feedback: from lucid dreams with slight plot control to none at all.

Yesterdays device rotation happened so that I had one more night with exact same dream quality device. I went to sleep at 1 a.m. You can read my first lucid dream plot in the app as well as here:
"It all started with a usual dream where I have visited my friends at their country house. Some military people came to make me join the army, but I saw the nuclear warheads rising from the ground to the sky - I considered that impossible and acknowledged that I am in a dream.

Color splash.
I found myself in the middle of a huge sea battle of English ships of the 18th century. Extremely realistic. One part of the fleet was going left, another - to the right, the one in the middle was under my command. There was a fight going on upfront. Realized that I am a flagship. Tried to confirm that I am truly in a dream - touched the device on my head, considered it as proof. Had an euphoria of that acknowledgement.

Color splash. Saw man's face talking to me: Do you wonna create another...another goal?
To hell with the ships! I wanted to meet a girl in my dream. Found myself on the street, somewhere in London. Saw the driving cars through the fence. Saw here right in front of me. I touched here, but felt nothing.

Color splash. Hooded mans face again saying the same echo-phrase.
I wake up shocked. It is 4:35 a.m. I wrote down my dream in the app."
Original Facebook post:
I do assume that this version of device works great on me since it has proven it worked for 7 out of 7 tries.

Sasha Sashenko (Michaels' friend)

(Type A device)

"I was given the device to test it for three nights.

I’ll start with mentioning that the device was a test prototype - I mean, that the guys were researching for the proper calibrations of how the device should work when it's complete. For now it was known that the setting the device had been calibrated with were not the latest.

However, the first two nights I had something similar to the lucid dreaming (except the 3rd night). I imagined the lucid dream a bit different, more like "wave with hand and appear on the beach", but it turned out to be different - I wanted to scroll events of the dream to the very beginning and change the outcome. For this purpose, I made up a reason why it should happen, I performed this action and dream started from the very beginning.

I remember that I could observe the events of third-person (as an aura, which no one sees), and at the right time I could infuse into any character of the sleep and act by this person.

Most part of the dream I wasn't aware that this was a dream, but I had the total confidence in it somehow. I wasn't afraid of anything what happened and stayed calm.

These dreams differ with conventional logic, rationality and reasonability of what was happening. Well, there were no any absurd happenings like "something came out of nowhere" or "how it turned out I'm here, just a few moments ago I was in another place."

A couple of times I had total self-awareness that I was in a dream. In addition to controlling the dream, I fully felt my real body, heard the sounds around and so on, but it lasted for a maximum of 40 seconds, and then I was thrown a reality again.

I had from 3 to 5 dreams like that per night. I want to mention, that I've never experienced lucid dream before.

In general, it was quite an interesting experience. I'll give more detailed feedback when try the complete device. The difference must be colossal."

Timur Vorona, Journalist AIN.UA

(Type A device)

"After returning from Poland, I swore never to travel alone. In Italy, I had as much as two fellow traveler Anna and Lucy with me. That’s how we gently call he device from one of the Ukrainian startups Luciding which allows you to immerse in lucid dreams. This thing is very interesting and a little bit strange. Here’s the report after one of the nights.

The second night
The way I put on the device wasn't convenient and it compressed the head, that’s why I was stumbling and couldn’t fall asleep for the whole night. At 2 am I removed the device and fell asleep immediately. I was searching for the artifact in a radioactive dungeon. I almost aimed but on the way I met armed battalion called Aydar which was looking for the same thing as I did. I had to explain that I was on Ukraine's side and I wasn't the enemy. We kept moving together but soon we run into an obstacle which was nothing but the alarm signal. We wished good luck to each other and said goodbye. All the time there was a full understanding of the reality of everything what was happening and the feeling that I was controlling the dream and can wake up at any time I wanted."
No matter these devices are half as good as the devices are being produced for you now, the effect surprises me all the time I read the reports, especially when people don't really look forward to any effect before going to use it."
Original Facebook post:

Anna Ignatenko (Timurs' friend)

(Type A device)

"Once I came across with the magical and absolutely unexpected invention with the code-name “Lucy” or rather Luciding. Having received this wonderful device, I also got the instruction for its use from one of the creators Michael. This thing was invented so that we ordinary lazy people, could effortlessly and consciously control our dreams. Here I am going to write the promised review. So, the night with Lucy №1: I am totally disoriented with effect Lucy had on my brain, falling asleep I hear cry of the babies during the so-called sleep all the noises and sound is perceived as earthquakes. Feeling of the absence of the normal sleeping. Disappointed.

Made a second attempt. The 2nd night with Lucy: unsucceeded, suffer a few hours from the fact that it doesn’t let me sleep. I take off the device after a while I fall asleep with totally normal human sleep. In the morning I shift the blame on wine and a good portion of Latakia before the bedtime.
All of these 2 nights wasn’t worth my attention because the third night with Lucy was totally divine. By nature, I am very skeptical about such things and I’m very convinced censurer. But then I take off my hat. Thus, the night number 3 with my newly made friend was astonishing. The sleep is divided into several parts.

Part 1. I find myself somewhere in the bad rocky terrain very similar to Gollum's lair - a character from "Lord of the Rings" J. Tolkien. I can't remember exactly what I was doing there. It seems to be my brother here who dives into the clear water - trying to find something on the bottom. Calling me. I hesitate to join him for a moment then follow him and suddenly realize that I’m sleeping with Lucy and I suddenly feel cold of the water or not comfortable and that I can wake up at any moment. But at the same moment I realize that I don’t want to wake up at all because it’s a pleasure to realize the fact that I’m in a lucid dream.
Here it is necessary to make a notice: a few years ago back in school after reading the famous Carlos Castaneda's books I tried to practice a few times and had achieved the same effect that I had last night with Lucy.

Part 2. After searching for something in the Gollum’s gorge, I find myself in a Catholic church of the Renaissance. Padre puts a magnificent ring on my graceful ring finger. All the furnishings and atmosphere reminiscent of secret Masonic meetings. I look at my hand - the ring is large and doesn’t fit and if I take down the hand the Masonic accessory will fall to the ground. A little uncomfortable. At this point, I realize it is a dream and I remember that I need to write it down in a notebook as advised by Michael.

Part 3. I’m in a traditional fine Italian restaurant writing down the dream. Some worker passes by and bothers me every time. Unnaturalness of the situation makes me realize that I didn’t wake up for real. Repeat the dream in my mind not to forget it so I could write it down when wake up in a reality. I decide to wake up, but I understand that all my being is against of it - I want to stay in this state, it is too attractive. I realize that she-devil Lucy and its impact becomes something resembling a drug. It's great to feel conscious control of their dreams that don’t want to wake up. After some time, I opened my eyes in total euphoria - run to write down everything what happened with me. We look forward to new experiences and discoveries."
Original Facebook post:

Andrew Kolodyuk, Founder & Managing Partner at AVentures Capital

(Type A and B devices)

"Used the deivce for 5 days in a row. Then I made a break of 10 days and tried the next 2 days. Each night (when I was using the device) woke up at around 4am, I noticed how the brain activity raised and lasted for 1.5 hours. Activity was high but then I fell asleep again. At the same time every morning, there was a feeling of lack of sleep, but sleep lasted for at least 8 hours.

During sleep, there was a sense of the active phase of sleep. There "happened" every time various plots, several different ones at night. Some time → Sometimes it was understood that it was a dream. I can say that I had a proactive attitude to control sleep, but even with the appropriate mindset I didn’t manage to control anything as well as I couldn’t find my hands.

As a conclusion, I can say that the device has its effect. With that I associate waking up at 4 am. The device also stimulates the activity of dreams. But there is no bridge / transition for me to the controlled dream, this part didn’t work out for me ..."

To sum up: last year prototypes produce significant effect on test subjects, but different, erratic and individual. The last version of the devices are on its way. Hope to test them very soon and write more feedback.

P.S. This post will be constantly update with new feedback!