Luciding on a lookout for its fit in Silicon Valley

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As you may know, I had a wonderful chance to use my recurring business trip to San Francisco to explore opportunities for Luciding and see what Silicon Valley could offer to a disruptive international startup.

It didn't effect my business plans in any way and I'm glad I spent time not for sightseeing only. We started preparation a couple of weeks ahead to ensure I can use my time efficiently. Once I reached San Francisco airport I felt so much enthusiastic about the trip. The meetings were set up with the representatives of incubators, accelerators, journalists and scientists.

I spent my free time attending events: went to listen to international startups pitching sessions and visited Tech Shop where people could come to use any tools, equipment and for fresh ideas. The space is similar to co-working lofts but especially for hardware projects where I met interesting people who shared their best practices with us and contributed to the project in this way. It amazed me how people there are open to sharing their vision and their work, we so much have to learn from them!

Of course, the lion's share of happenings occurred unexpectedly and unpredictably thanks to great people I appreciate getting to know.

To sum up everything, the idea of our startup was warmly welcomed by people who are now looking forward to our product to be performed. I can't agree more that the states are the cradle of innovations and incubator for the disruptive concepts which Luciding name truly represents. Our core beliefs will get rooted with the time creating the diverse and healthy community where every single person is the contribution to our project. My trip significantly proved that whenever you need something the Universe creates the best conditions to sustain your precious idea when it comes to making the world a better place.