LucidCatcher first customers', investors' and journalists' feedback

After more than a year of research and development, our team managed to create a device which can guarantee lucid dreams and be tested outside the lab. First LucidCatchers were given a try by volunteers in Novosibirsk. You can watch their feedback here. There were also journalists testing out the device. Here some feedback:

The reporter had her first lucid dream: she saw herself in the mountain near a blue lake. She suddenly realizes: "This is a dream!”, and regret that moment that she didn’t know what to do when she became lucid.

You can read more about it in this article. Now let's continue to the most juicy part.

After that devices were prepared to travel to Germany where most of our first customers are located. An experimental group of 10 people have been designated and LucidCatcher's were delivered in person by Nikita Antonov, CEO.

alt Here goes our first lucky tester's official comments and feedback about their experience with LucidCatcher version 1.0:

Carl Selke

I had a vivid dream: waking up in a apartment I got followed by someone, I felt very weak first and fell down on floor several times. Then after I got stronger and followed them instead. The dream was not totally lucid "I'm dreaming now" scenario, but it was at least something and I had a feeling that it was the LucidCatcher that drove my consciousness to more waking state so I could remember it. I have had the real luciddream feel before and I know the difference now hoping for more later on.

Jason Young

19 September 2015 test with the new firmware:

I had two pre-lucid dreams, the second one more vivid than the first one. I can't tell if this was caused by the device because I often have pre-lucid dreams.
As a matter of fact, 1 hour after I woke up and now 3 hours later the device doesn't switch back on. So whether it is broken, or the charge is empty (which is the same for me as broken), even though it showed me at least 74,80 %, but I charged it two hours more after I got this charge status.


Dominik Wolf

Unfortunately, I just had success in the first night with my LucidCatcher. Anyway, here is my review:

I felt asleep with it and woke up some hours after it without remembering a dream or feeling any effects. A few minutes later I fell asleep again and woke up after a few hours again. My LucidCatcher felt very uncomfortable on my head so I wanted to take it off, but I couldn't: I WAS DREAMING! I stood up and looked through my window. It was a nice day. I wanted to go through the walls. It worked. They felt like playdough as I walked through them. When I was on the other side I was so happy that everything looked so sharp. After that, I woke up but fell asleep again, this time without any dream remembering or lucid dream. The device definitely worked. WOW!

Marco Lang

Only 1 night tested the new device from my friend. Can´t guarantee that the device worked at that night.

I tried this night the new device and here’s the result: 3 chances for a Lucid dream! I dreamed that I woke up (but I didn’t) and I was sad that the device from David also did not work... But wait... I couldn’t put it off my head...(in this situation I though: wtf is now wrong????) then I realized, that it had to be a dream.

After that I woke up again (I did not DAMN IT, WHY I FORGOT TO Do RCs (reality checks)?!?!) and I put the device of, was a little bit sad, that it worked only for 1 second and I ate something (Wow I meant, 2 fridges in 1 small kitchen and I did not make an RC again lol) I wanted to go to the bathroom, but the door was missing... Uhm... Yeah! Want to do a finger RC now but lights were turned off and I was again in my bed... Now I was 100% sure that I was awake (but you know... again I was not lol) and after about 10 minutes of being "awake" in my bed I realized that this must be a dream. But I don’t know why... (effect of the device?!) I did not make any RC... So never forget to do it, guys.

Maximilian Hotter

Hey you dreamers, here's an update about my experiences with the LucidCatcher.

First of all on Wednesday I eventually got my velcro. Now it's much more convenient to wear the device BUT (important!) it still feels not "good". I still have troubles sleeping with it and often wake up. It's because of the size of it. The distance between the front sensors and the ear sensors is too short for my head. So I need to stretch the front part a little bit so that the sensors behind my ears are on their right place. The result of which is that the sensors still presses lightly against my forehead. And that's not convenient after all if you wear it for some time. alt From Wednesday to Friday I had tried the regular mode but had no success. On Thursday the lucid catcher slip off my head at night and I didn't really recognize it. On Friday it didn't slip off but I couldn't remember any dreams. The app showed me some REM detections (I think 3) with the status command.

Last night I tried WBTB technique and fast (daily) mode (in the utility app). So I slept for four hours and put my LucidCatcher on. I had some troubles with falling asleep (10-20 minutes) but eventually I did... Suddenly I was at my university. I had to find my friends because we wanted to meet and do some work on our projects. I walked through the main hall of the building and recognized that something is different. The two slides were a bit longer and steeper (see pic above). "This must be a dream!" Immediately I jumped and flew through the main hall. It was amazing and I was so happy that it finally worked. I touched my forehead and felt that I also wore the LucidCatcher. Then I woke up. So that's it. I hope you will do something about the size of the device. Maybe you could do it (user-)customizable but I think you know that this is still a small problem.

Meanwhile, one LucidCatcher was delivered to Odessa, Ukraine for one of our investors to test.

Alexander Bornyakov

Last week I was on the New Ukraine investment conference, where Luciding was one of the participants in the discussion panel. As former residents of WannaBiz incubator, they invented a unique device for immersion in a lucid dream state, that allows to control dreams. Right after I went to the bar and asked the guys to test the latest version of the device. I could take it just for one night and I decided to give it a try.
I can say that the device is working, not as I originally imagined it, but certainly it affects being the test version only! Below I have tried to describe their experiences and the results of the device:

The first dream was the theme of the apocalypse. The scene reminded me of Fallout computer game. At first there were some tunnels, and then a group of people turned out to be with me on the surface. I remember the surface in details. Then we went through the bushes, we were wearing the ragged clothes and we decided to buy a new one on the market that I found immediately. At that moment, I realized that I slept as the end of the world clearly didn’t come. I couldn’t do anything, I could just watch, observe, track and gaze. I felt that the second dream came almost immediately after the first one. I walked with some people in Odessa, we went to a meeting with relatives. What I precisely remember was the place - it was the center of the city. I had to go down the subway with an escalator. My companions followed me, and suddenly I realized that there was no any subway in Odessa! It was very unexpected. Again I began to watch the story in the third person, knowing that everything is unreal. I went down into the subway and then the dream became shaky and hazy, I was losing a sense of awareness. My companions were managed to reach the needed house.

After that, everything was very fast - I clearly remember that I saw my nephew, he was 13 years old. We talked on computer topics and I remember the conversation in detail. The most interesting thing was that we discussed such things that my nephew couldn’t know in any way. And again, I realized that I slept! At this point the second dream ended.

Somewhere in the middle of the night I took the device away, as it was a little smaller than needed for the comfort sleeping with the size of my head. Another interesting effect - it is easier to remember dreams with Luciding because usually the dream vanishes in a couple of hours after waking up, from my experience.


To sum up, we can say that these results are remarkable. But we are not going to stop on that. Using our first customers feedback we will further improve LucidCatcher to make it an incredible and long-lasting dreamhacking product. Stay tuned for more lucid news!